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It rained the other Saturday.  Steady, relentless, miserable rain and although riverbank customers were few and far between, the fishermen on the river Wharfe were undeterred (I guess fish don’t care whether it’s raining or not).

Anticipating an extremely slow day, I’d turned my attention to ‘other jobs’ (there are always plenty of those!),  when Jennie appeared at the window.  I first met Jennie a year earlier when she accompanied her husband on his annual fishing trip to Burnsall – only this year she faced the prospect of a day in her car keeping dry.

Perhaps rashly, she offered to wash up to kill the time – and perhaps cheekily – I accepted!  What a lovely day followed, we chatted like old mates, found things in common and ended up developing a new product line for Riverbank.

You see I have a range of potential products bobbing about in my conscious and subconscious mind and something Jennie said triggered me to scoop one of them out and explain it to her.  As I did this she set to work, researching away and sharing her results, until gradually we’d pulled the idea together.

Now all I need to do is test it.  It’ll take a few weeks, then I’ll preview it on my blog and let others decide whether it should go any further…


After the rain…

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