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Riverbank Walks – No. 1 – Mini Dales Way

Most people who visit Burnsall go for a walk.  Some only make it to the riverbank, or the pub, many more do at least a couple of miles.

The Dales Way is an 78 mile route from Ilkley in Yorkshire, to Bowness in Cumbria, passing through Burnsall.  After the usual 5 or 6 days it takes to complete it, you can expect to feel pretty pleased with yourself – but sore and tired too.

So why not benefit from the ‘feeling good’ bit & clear your head, see some lovely things & burn off some energy without needing a week & a first aid kit, by doing just part of the Dales way?  If you set off from Burnsall & walk to Grassington along the River Wharfe, there are no hills to climb & you’ll give yourself options.  Pub stop?  Bus back?  We have developed a series of walks from Burnsall (well, we plan to, this is the first & we’ll see how it goes before we do the next one).

Go on – WALK ONE, print it off & do something lovely with your day.

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