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Project ‘Riverbank river-ready’

Riverbank Coffee Hut floods.

This image, taken by Rob Seaward – one of our lovely customers, shows the scene in winter 15/16, with the hut bobbing about in the distance.

Many helpful suggestions have been proffered – all sitting somewhere on a scale of simple and practical (door barrier) to inventive but frankly bonkers (build an ark?).

A range of chosen measures has formed a plan and ‘Project Riverbank river-ready’ work begins on 27 February, straight after the half term break. The timing is tight and there’s a lot to do, so we need to crack on – ‘come hell or high water’. (Hope I don’t regret saying that…)


The hut will be closed for two weeks while Ben, Adam, Ross and Rich take the lead in the river-ready refit, with me acting as labourer and general runaround.

We know we can’t hold back the river, so the idea is to minimise the impact – making it easier to hose down, dust off and start all over again.

More to follow…

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