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Do MPs care about holes in your jumper?

When Jennie gently asked whether I was going home to ‘spruce myself up’ before my meeting with Julian Smith, MP for Skipton and Ripon, I did consider it briefly.  But only very briefly – before emphatically declaring that I was sure MPs were quite happy to meet their constituents in their work attire. I didn’t notice the hole in my jumper until much later, when I was back at home – there are no mirrors at the coffee hut (which is usually a good thing).  The microwave door is quite reflective – but not very big…

Jennie looked after the hut, while I beetled off to Pateley Bridge for my 10 minute slot at 1.30.  This being my first surgery appointment, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  My case was never going to be a priority – no humanitarian crisis or major miscarriage of justice over here – just a few observations from the perspective of someone setting up a business in a National Park, that I felt could be worthy of my allocated minutes.

As I chatted to an official while we waited for Julian to arrive, I made a mental note to avoid the subject of dog poo.  Apparently dog poo and panning permission are the biggest drivers of surgery visits. Didn’t want to be too boring.

In the event Julian was (or at least appeared) interested, encouraging and supportive.  He even said he’d stop by for a coffee some time.  I hope he does – and I hope when he does, I’m still full of energy and nudging things in the general direction of ‘forward’ – rather than in the direction of – ‘enraged of Burnsall’ (on the subject of dog poo).

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