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Could this be the first day…?

That nobody comes to the hut.

There was one day in August, shortly after the hut changed hands, that it rained solidly from dawn until dusk and my only customers were two admirably determined holiday makers, who wanted ice cream.

Since then there have been some very busy days – and some very quiet days – but no days when nobody came.

So today is a test.  I’m here in the hut all alone, doing a few tidy-up jobs, cleaning the coffee machine and writing my blog but I’d rather be having a weekend like a normal person.  Reading the paper, lighting the fire, going for a walk with Phil my partner and Hector our dog…

I almost called it last night, and declared Sunday 15 January 2017 as a write off in advance.  But this being my first winter season, I understand the need to commit, and to learn, and if what I learn today is that it’s okay to call it in advance when the weather forecast is as confident in its prediction as it was yesterday, then I’ve taken a tiny step forward.

And I understand that some steps will be bigger than others – and some may even be steps backwards – but as long as the general direction is ahead then I believe I’m okay.

And the week hasn’t been a total write-off.  This is how it started:


PS It wasn’t the first day that nobody came to the hut.  My friends Peter and John came for coffee and so I still haven’t had a day that nobody came.

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