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Big Riverbank news.

On Friday 20 October I watched my laptop all day.  I was waiting for an email or an update on a webpage.  Not known for my patience, this was a struggle.  When it got to 4.45pm and I could stand it no longer, I made a phone call, but I reached a voicemail, so reluctantly I accepted that I’d have to wait until the following week for my news.

That night I met my friend Gilly for dinner at our favourite winter venue, The Blue Lion at East Witton.  She had good news – since we last met (just a couple of weeks earlier), she and her husband Marcus had sold their house and that very day, they’d had an offer accepted on a stunning new home.  So we had lots to chat about over dinner – and then my phone rang… It was Phil, telling me to ‘get a glass…’  It seems some time after I’d given up looking, the Yorkshire Dales National Park website had been updated to confirm that the Riverbank planning application had been approved and planning permission granted.

I will always remember that supper with Gilly.

Image of a screenshot from the Yorkshire Dales National Park planning portal, showing planning permission granted for Riverbank

The final decision on the Riverbank planning application

Since then I’ve been bursting to share the news and say a massive thank you for all of the support (and we received a lot of support – 48 letters in fact, versus 5 objections).  The only reason I’ve held back is that I’ve been waiting to be able to answer the next question…  When will the build happen?

I still can’t quite answer this – but I’m much closer than I was a month ago and aiming for January.  2018.

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