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Where did my safe little world go?

I’m not new to property renovation.  In fact I took on my first project at the age of 21, my very first home, a Tyneside flat.  Since then I’ve done two more major projects.  So the 4m x 3m coffee hut shouldn’t present too much of a challenge…  Wrong!

The first six months at Riverbank Coffee Hut were all about research.  I didn’t make many changes and those I did make, happened gradually.  So whilst the hut wasn’t just as I wanted it, the space felt very safe.

Perhaps this is a stage everyone goes through when they renovate property – and I’ve just forgotten about it.  We’re nearing the finish line but it’s hard to see the end.  We’re all tired out  (and I thought running the hut was physically demanding!), there’s so much dust and cleaning to do that the prospect of relocating the hut’s contents from my spare bedroom back to Burnsall feels like a job for next month at the earliest – not next week.  Then it’ll be time to start baking and being creative again.

Meanwhile it’s raining.  Very hard.  This is good news in one way because the unscheduled extra weekend of work probably isn’t resulting in a great deal of lost business, but it’s a concern in another way.  When I came back from Burnsall about an hour ago the Wharfe was very close to breaking its banks.

Our flood-proofing work is so nearly done…

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