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Tiny inspiration

While the hut was closed Phil and I took the opportunity to escape for a day.  We set off early for the North East coast with Hector, where Phil had an appointment to view a new boat (he sails) and I was on a mission, to finally visit Riley’s Fish Shack.


My friend, and restaurateur, had suggested some time ago that I should go.  He said “you need to see this place – in fact go today!”.  Sadly it took me a few weeks but we did get there before it featured on Michel Roux’s Hidden Restaurants, just.

It was raining lightly as we waited for our food to arrive but somehow this only added to the experience.  We sat on deckchairs, me with a glass of wine and Phil with a pint of Guinness, while Hector went bananas on the beach.  Our lovely Labrador has a blessed life, split between two national parks (Dales and Lakes), but he rarely gets to the beach and when he does it sends him doolally!

The food was amazing.  The experience was somehow nostalgic, strange as this was our first visit, and the inspiration I took from this tiny but amazing business, in a beautiful location, was huge.

By the time we left the queue was massive.  Says it all really.

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