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January jobs and Harry…

I love to decorate the Christmas tree but nobody much likes taking their tree back down… So perhaps it was a blessing that this year’s tree was the smallest I’ve ever had.  I loved it all the same though – and in decorating it I spent some precious time thinking of the connections I have with each bauble and trinket – from my Grandma’s cow bell, a holiday souvenir that I used to play with as a child (probably driving her crackers), to this year’s knitted penguin-ted that my friend Christine bought for me.

It’s become a bit of a tradition that Christine and I exchange a tree decoration in early December and then I know Christmas really is on its way!


The 2016 tree – my smallest but best

This Christmas has been a difficult one for Christine and her family.  They lost their beautiful dog Harry and, as any dog owner will know, that’s really tough.  I’ve known Harry since I moved to Appletreewick in 2005 and, with no dog of my own, I became Harry’s ‘Auntie’.  When our dog Hector arrived on the scene in 2013, Harry was immensely patient with him and I like to think the two of them became friends.

Harry had film star looks and in fact I borrowed Harry for a photoshoot once when my cottage in Appletreewick was in Ideal Home magazine.  The photographer asked if I had a dog, to which I replied – “well, sort of…”.

One quick phone call later  and, after some sharp negotiation “what’s the fee? because Harry doesn’t get out of his basket for less than a grand” –  my buddy was stealing the limelight and making a huge impression on everyone.

We’ll all miss him.


Beautiful Harry being extremely patient with the young pup, Hector

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