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Back in business

Any notion that I would document the story of the renovation of the hut with a daily blog update, was frankly bonkers.  I’ve never worked so hard in my life!  Alright, I stopped baking for a few weeks but I didn’t stop shopping.  In fact I’m now on first name terms with most of the team at Merritt and Fryers, the local timber merchant and hardware store – my record being three visits in one day.  Neither did I stop painting, grouting, cleaning, choosing stuff, planning or making coffee.

And when it came to re-opening at the end of March, I was excited but also suddenly quite nervous.  Everything in the hut was new and unfamiliar, so I cut the already very small menu back to the the bare minimum and learned to use the new kit one piece at a time.

In the end it was all fine.  It was lovely in fact.  Some regular customers who have been following my journey were the first to arrive and it was such a pleasure to see them that I forgot any angst about the new kit and just got on with it.

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