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All new Riverbank

In May we completed the building work at Riverbank, giving us some indoor space for customers – and then the UK basked in an exceptional heatwave for the rest of the summer. So instead of looking for shelter, people came inside for cool and shade. Not what we imagined but great to be able to help in any event.

It felt epic at the time, but in fact the build was pretty quick – especially given the hard winter that preceded the crazy hot summer. And now it’s a challenge to even recall the old Riverbank. The new space is simple but beautiful and it does exactly what it’s supposed to.  These lovely images of the completed Riverbank were captured by

The way we work hasn’t changed – still home made food, no menu, served from the kitchen window, Thursday to Sunday.  We’re certainly not a traditional cafe and we’re about to become even less of a traditional cafe…

There’s still a lot to do before the wood fired artisan pizza is fully deployed but the good news is that the oven works well, the ideas, passion and energy are all flowing and with the change of season allowing a little more time for planning, the wood fired food offer is getting closer…

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